Monday, October 15, 2012

natural hair : a fro.

I officially know the journey is on when I have learned how to make shrinkage cute! Lately I have been following women with real fros .....

i have always thought that fros were cute but never thought that i could pull one off, but after a rant of if they can then i can I decided to start playing with it I feel like I have mastered it in about a week. Since my hair is prone to shrinkage no matter what rocking a fro until day 4 (usually stretched big) would be ideal for my length and the convenience of getting up and going.

WEEK ONE: My hair was strecthed in a bun and i spritz my hair with water. I used kinky Curly  Spiral Sprits, Oil Mix, and eco styler for freezies.
WEEK TWO: This is my hair after I took down 3 plaits from washing the previous night, I added eco styler with argan oil and my oil mix.

So far so good loving the convenience and also I have just started the prenatl vitamins crushed in my deep conditioner I will track 90 days I posted my length now on the IG @lecoiffuresociety I will do campirson pics in 90 days

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