Monday, October 15, 2012

natural hair : a fro.

I officially know the journey is on when I have learned how to make shrinkage cute! Lately I have been following women with real fros .....

i have always thought that fros were cute but never thought that i could pull one off, but after a rant of if they can then i can I decided to start playing with it I feel like I have mastered it in about a week. Since my hair is prone to shrinkage no matter what rocking a fro until day 4 (usually stretched big) would be ideal for my length and the convenience of getting up and going.

WEEK ONE: My hair was strecthed in a bun and i spritz my hair with water. I used kinky Curly  Spiral Sprits, Oil Mix, and eco styler for freezies.
WEEK TWO: This is my hair after I took down 3 plaits from washing the previous night, I added eco styler with argan oil and my oil mix.

So far so good loving the convenience and also I have just started the prenatl vitamins crushed in my deep conditioner I will track 90 days I posted my length now on the IG @lecoiffuresociety I will do campirson pics in 90 days

Friday, October 12, 2012

natural hair: reasons why your hair may not be growing

We all want to retain length for our curly locks, but what if you haven't or what if the growth you were getting comes to a halt and now you just feel like your hair is just not growing! Being that hair only grows a half inch a month I wouldn't get so caught in measuring every month, for the reason that you might be retaining length but really cant see the length considering a half inch a month is not really a noticeable amount of growth.

  1. Blow outs are still heat damage and will cause breakage
  2. Dry hair should be nipped in the bud moisturize on a regular basis
  3. Not clarifying scalp, this can cause build up on the scalp not letting your scalp properly breathe
  4. Brushing while wet can cause breakage
  5. Protein overload! check your products make sure their not protein based protein can also dry your hair out be sure to deep condition after use
  6. Not protecting your hair at night a satin bonnet, or pillow case is vital
  7. Take hair vitamins, and drink water what the inner is getting shows on the outside
  8. Try protective styles and if you don't like the look try wrapping a turban
  9. Trim and dust ends as needed
  10. Coloring your hair could also be the culprit. 

Here I have posted  a growth chart don't get stumped when you have retained growth consider all the reasons of what you may not be doing and take them into action. Also start a hair dairy take pictures every 4 to 6 months allowing the growth to be noticeable.

Hopefully this helps I will be trying the prenatal vitamin challenge which is prenatal pills grated and added to my deep conditioner so for tutorial's and results be sure to follow LecoiffureSociety on Instagram

Sunday, October 7, 2012

natural hair interview: Jasmine Justice

        My name is Jasmine Justice. I’m 23 yrs old. I’m from Delaware and a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a B.F.A in Fashion Design.  Currently, I work in retail. My goal is to become a creative director for a major fashion company or ultimately own my own company, where I can open up a boutique in Delaware or in Virginia.

       I would describe my hair as: it’s own entity… (it adds another element, and plays another role in my personal style), it’s my expression, everchanging, powerful, confident.

       I have been natural since 2008. I did the big chop during my sophomore year of college. I was inspired to go natural by my friend Daedri who had recently cut her hair at the time and I thought it was amazing. It was so beautiful and I wanted to achieve that look for myself.

      From my natural hair journey, I have learned how to be fearless and confident in my own skin. I have always been one to go my own route and make decisions based on what I feel, so when cutting my hair for the first time it was one of the best decisions made I have made because I honestly never felt more beautiful…when I left the stylist chair I thought to myself like “why didn’t I do this sooner!!” lol. Since being natural I’ve felt more freedom to be experimental and really have fun with my hair because I truly feel happier and more myself. I love all aspects of being natural because I see the beauty in all the stages. For instance, the big chop, teeny weeny afro, I love it all! My hair has made me fearless because it has allowed me to be free, evolve, and discover who I am in other aspects as well.

           A natural hair tip of mine would be for one of my favorite styles, a style that will never die for me is the twist out. When I do my twist outs I often will use a mix of olive oil and shea butter when I twist it at night.  Currently, for the past few weeks I have been using a protective style, in which I have two-strand twist my hair using the Marley Braid hair and created an updo style.  Since first going natural in 2008, and going through many ups and downs like breakage, etc, using different protective styles like braids has really helped my hair grow.

       Check out my online portfolio which features a lot of my designs and illustrations.

Any questions or inquires about hair, fashion, anything that comes to mind J email me at

I would just like to thank Le Coiffure Society for including me and asking me to be a part of their amazing blog. I love everything that Le Coiffure is about and get inspired everyday when I see all the beautiful natural women featured.

Thank you so much!!

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