Friday, September 7, 2012

finally a solution for dry hair?!

Dry Hair?

For some of us dry hair can be an issue, this issue can also be a factor as to why the health of your isn't in a good state and also why you may not be retaining the length you desire.

I will give you 10 tips to relieve your hair of all dryness!
if you commit to these tips and add them into your regimen I guarantee results!

water, moisturize,seal
3 simple steps when styling your hair grab for water based products or go ahead and wet it I use aloe vera juice I moisturize with conditioner, and seal with oil.

Apply products to damp hair for better results and seal.

ELIMINATE ALL SULFATES!! sulfates could be the reason as to why your hair is drying out (sulfates naturally strip your hairs oils)reach for sulfate free poo's!

Please throw away all cones, silicone, dimethicone, cone, cone, cone and the list goes on cones coat your strands preventing moisturizers to do their job!

PRE POO- Apply a thick oil on damp hair leave on for about 20minutes minimum with a shower/heat cap. Rinse and wash as usual.

PROMISE ME& YOUR HAIR to deep condition this step is vital along with the pre poo I promise you will see a difference. I recommend deep conditioning for 45min the longer the better in my case I usually do overnight.

Stop going to sleep without wrapping your hair up with something silk. Doesn't matter if its a silk pillow case, scarf or bonnet JUST DO IT

Make sure what you are cleansing your hair if you use a lot of product you may have some buildup.

Reduce heat usage. Heat drys and fry's your hair creating a brittle texture that will later break.

TIP 10
Check your product for protein, you may be protein sensitive or be over using protein which can ultimately dry your hair, protein is good just make sure you deep condition after using if its a conditioner.

I hope these tips help I have learned all of these throughout my natural hair journey and I am happy to be sharing them with you all let me know how this helps if it does and if you have any other tips to add please feel free to comment below.

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