Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Newly Natural "DNN" : terms&acronyms

Dear newly naturals,

I understand that all this code talk with natural hair can be sometimes confusing, and a sentence such as ""I finally did my bc ,and now I am about to dc after I pre- poo then co wash"....  ultimately this can be a bit of a blur for newly naturals who are not familiar with the terms.I am most sure I lost you at "I finally", so for those of you that are newly naturals I dedicate these letters to you, to help and guide you through journey when the times get tough!

CO-WASH, CO- co wash; to wash with conditioner only
DC: deep condition
PRE-POO- To use and oil before washing almost like a hot oil treatment
NO-POO- NO SHAMPOOS only cleansers, i.e curly girl method
ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar
EO- Essential Oil
EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
JBCO- Jamaican black castor oil
SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
BC-Big Chop
SSK-Single stranded knot, known to be prone to breakage
S&D-Seach and destroy; cut off ssk, split ends, dead hair
TWA-Teeny Weeny Afro
EL- ear length
NL-Neck Length
SL-Shoulder length
APL-Arm pit length
MBL-Middle back length
WSL, WL-Waste length
PJ-Product Junkie; someone who buys a ton of products

"Natural hair terms"

Cones- derived from a group of words such as silicone, demethicone, and so on which can be found in most hair products the cones sole purpose is to coat you strands, working as a heat protectant in some products and a lubricant in others, but the only issue is it creates a barrier between water which our hair needs, but it can be washed out with a sulfate poo.

Baggying method-to baggy is to use a bag; sandwhich bag, grocery bag or shower cap which you will apply product to your hair such as a DC, moisturizer, or a protien conditioner on your ends and go on about yuor day.

Sealant,sealing- to seal your hair you must use a water based product first or water and seal with a oil, you will notice the difference in doing so

Humectants- products that attract and retain moisture to the air; vegtable glycerin,honey

Dusting- Trimming very little off your hair.

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